Fantasy Family

It wasn’t until, upon seeing this picture of my brother, that I was moved to say that we had taken on similar roles in our retirement. I, as the, in this shot, singing Hickernell Moon Fairy, and he, as the, well, you see very well who he is.

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 6.36.37 PM.png

It made me laugh to think about how easily some of us play along the edges of what some people call reality. 

Why do we stop imagining? Why do we stop playing dress up? Why do we stop make-believe?  They’re so much fun. I think we have a lot learn from being ridiculous when we can. 

This is not to say we shouldn’t pay attention to what’s important. It’s just that we should have a great time when it’s possible… 

The Priestess is In — and sometimes — what she’s in is the doo-whop chorus…These are the Dimestore Divas, circa 2004ish: Averie Clark, Sara Phinney Kelley, Michele Wert, and AKEHMF* In the morning, in the evening, ain’t we got fun?

Peace, and Love, and all the Laughter we can find!


*Ann Keeler Evans, Hickernell Moon Fairy


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