Praying the Peace Cranes

Prayer is something that fascinates me. I am not particularly fluent at extemporaneous spoken prayer, but I love writing prayer and I love sitting prayer. One of the things I look forward to in my retirement from my day job is having the space to dedicate myself to prayer. It seems silly, doesn’t it, to have a job in ministry, and find the time of prayer difficult to find… but ministry is about other people’s spirituality rather than your own. 

Two of my beloved colleagues from the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival are both good at prayer in similar and in different ways.

My friend Rev. Beth, has been studying nonviolence and movement making during the pandemic. As she takes her courses and engages in meetings, she’s been making thousands of Peace cranes. 

Three strands of cranes puff out from beneath the Peace sign on my front door. Welcome to my house. Two strands were sent to a friend who had a stroke. Another strand is in a box ready to take a trip to a friend. To me, they are visible blessings of Love, signs of commitment to the work of Peace, and symbols of possibility for Transformation and Hope. 

Sooner or later, prayer will re-emerge as a focus of my work here. In the meantime, I write my daily psalm and my good night prayer. I sit for longer and shorter amounts of time when I can. 

Sometimes, I just look at the loveliness that Beth has created and it soothes my soul.

Know that all of you flow through my prayers.

The Priestess is In…  

And sending you Peace.


She does what she wants to do.


Fantasy Family