We’re Not Cats; Get out of the Boxes

I am so irritated with myself. I have had the worst — did I mention — the worst allergies recently. And that has resulted in unbelievable coughing and an upset stomach. I was pretty sure I knew what it was, so there was no sense in going to the doc, but darnit, it was frustrating and woke me up at night. 

And then, this morning, I woke up and thought, wait a minute: I’m not using my neti pot. I got up, used the pot, and that was the end of the hacking. 

Now, I get allergies every year (those darned multifloral roses!). I take allergy medicine OTC and homeopathic. But every year the roses come and I lose all sense about taking care of myself. 

“I’ve found a box and even though it doesn’t fit well, I’m staying put.” Sound familiar? We must think it’s great because how many posts are there on FB about cats in boxes? 

I had to step out of the box to see possibilities. I had to step out of the box to be ok. 

Now, I know this is not simply true with my allergies. I can get set on a course and it’s hard to get me to deviate from it. I’m sure I’m the only one with those tendencies. The boxes obscure the view. It may feel comfortable, but while comfort is important, there’s a lot more to life. And I was not comfortable. 

As I retire from the church and start building my website and work on the interwebs, I will encounter a lot of new options. If I want to serve you well, I’m going to have to grab hold of those options and see which ones might fit.

I believe there’s more room to spread out in circles of Life than I do in boxes of confinement. I’m going for the big circle. C’mon in, there’s plenty of room to chat about your life and your ideas.

So temporarily confined from my box, I’m going off to explore new possibilities. Maybe I’ll see you out there!

Love and Peace,

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